Club Seventeen - Finale..

(Please read PART ONE of this poetry to relate the flow)
Got bounce on my feet
Moving real neat, I simmer the heat

Say, Heather I bet you move better on floor than behind the bar
Smiling she says "naughty" but sure..

Comfort is the feel, when I look her angelic glaze
slip I do when I see those curves in haze

As I hear my song, style kicks my brain
As I turn around, I get my bull and goose and it's on the house putters Heather..

Dazed by the gloss on her peachy petals
I lean to the groove and pull her close across the bar

Piercing glances of expectations and quiver
Surprise and shock beat to the same fever

We tell a million stories gazing each other
Just when I hear, sounds of cheer

Spanking my rear, Jill yells in my ear
"Tell her something or leave her here"

Woken by reality, I shake my head
No words, none at all is what I said looking at her

I turn around trying to save my lost fear..
Only to turn around and grab her !! Again

Girl you set me on fire
It's now or never - Saying I grace her with a french

Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir
Voulez vous coucher avec moi - She said

Sexy ! ainsi vous parlez français ou êtes lui juste 'Lady Marmalade'
Impressed ! you are just fine she smirked !

huit huit huit six deux un sept, I smiled
As she looked lost and confused...I began to walk away

Putting on my coat and looking for Jill
I turn around to see her once more...

Gone ! She was gone, I looked around with eager eyes
All I could smell was a mixture of Lauren and lauder..

Sigh ! and I turn away to see Jill missing..
I walk to the door, rather heavy and disturbed

Taquinez ! vrai sexy à cela - I yelled as I approached my drive
Merci ! Et êtes ainsi vous...spoke a sweet voice

Who was that ? Turning around I saw no one
Looking at my phone, I did not recognize the number..

Still disturbed, I pulled my keys
And then it hit me the number on my palm was on the phone

Smiling, Surprised and with the return of my lost gleam
I called back, and before I could say a word...

I see her walking towards me
She gave a new meaning to versace overall she sported

Smiling at her and my evening
I knod in subtle appreciation of beauty and charm

The Angels smiled.....
Pour l'amour traîne la beauté et le charme suit..

And then ! Are you ready ?


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